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A.G TRACTORS LTD is a family based company which has been involved in the agricultural industry for three generations. The Howard family have been farming at Manor Farm since 1968 and continue to do so today with the 4th generation starting to show an interest in farming! In the early days of exporting tractors and equipment, we used traditional farm buildings to rebuild/remanufacture the tractors and equipment that we supplied. In 2006 we constructed new workshops to include professional spray booth, grit blasting facility, steam cleaning facility, engineering lathe, milling machinery and container loading bay. This investment allowed us to continue the growth in UK and export sales.

Over the last 20 years, A.G TRACTORS Exports Ltd Exports Ltd have specialised in supplying good quality tractors, combine harvesters, farm machinery and trucks. During this period there have been regular sales to over 30 different countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Somalia, Uganda, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Guyana, North America, Poland, and Russia.

In addition to exporting farm equipment throughout the world, A.G TRACTORS Exports Ltd Exports Ltd still run the family farm where 400 acres are farmed. This also enables A.G TRACTORS LTD to keep up with the latest farm practices and the advances in technology affecting farm equipment.

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Here at A.G TRACTORS LTD, our aim is to supply good quality equipment for all budgets and we supply equipment in the following standards.

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